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The word art of Copenhagen Summit

In brief: The world leaders discussed the topic and produced the final document in which there are not real numbers and pledges, no legal binding.

What do you expect when you are visiting Circus? Of course clowns and acrobats. The same I expected from the Copenhagen climat summit, and there are strong reasons to place the meeting of most powerfull leaders of all nations in line of village Circus show. The main common among them – a lot of glare and nothing in real.

First of all, there is no common view on the main subject. Current mood of politics accepts the only one view: our planet is in danger, and this danger is caused not by natural cycles of climate change, but explicitly connected with human activity. Moreover, main anthropogenic factor is connected to the heavy industry and energetics.

This is not indisputable, however. There is some amount of data that does not fit the global warming model. Moreover, there is no reliable models about what really drives the climate change. And there are facts of fraud in the very core of scientific prove of global warming, what was perfectly illustrated during the Climate-gate scandal.

But even if we accept the global warming as a real fact, what can be done to undermine the very basics of the warming? What can reduce the greenhouse gases emissions? Definitely not the Copenhagen summit. Lets look what is decided in the danish capital:

Reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions

There is no clearly defined targets and no specific binding. The final document is filled with “under consideration” and “adopted be legislation” word art.

These are no binding, and description of the current status of pledges — ranging from “under consideration” for the US to “Adopted by legislation” for the EU, according to Reuters.

Long term goal

“Deep cuts in global emissions are required according to science…with a view to reduce global emissions so as to hold the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius.”

As widely demonstrated there is no unity in scientific society about global warming, its ranges and consequences. 2 degrees “Celsius global temperature” is in fact a joke: because it does not prevent any catastrophic shifts on the planet. For example if the Golf stream will shift from shores of Europe it will have catastrophic consequences for Europe. But of course it will help “to hold the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius.”.

Legal binding

There is no mention of legal binding in the final documents. It disappeared during the process, making entire summit a Circus show. No legal binding – no real obligations. No obligations – no actions.

Help for poor nations

“Developed countries shall provide adequate, predictable and sustainable financial resources, technology and capacity-building to support the implementation of adaptation action in developing countries.”

“Developed countries set a goal of mobilizing jointly $100 billion a year by 2020 to address the needs of developing countries. The funds will come from a wide variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral.”

What will be the goals of such financing and how much will be $100 billion in 2020 – that remains unclear.

Measures against deforestation

The final document states that the summit “recognizes the importance of reducing emission from deforestation and forest degradation and the need to enhance removals or greenhouse gas emission by forests.”

Again, that is empty words without obligations and legal binding.

Carbon markets as an option

“We decide to pursue various approaches, including opportunities to use markets to enhance the cost-effectiveness of and to promote mitigations actions.”

That leaves too much freedom in the details.

The truth is incomfortable: no nation on Earth will risk with own development to save climate. The summit result clearly demonstrated, that all what is done by the world leaders is a show.

Ukrainian Globalist
2009-12-19 23:43, Society.

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