Flu epidemic is back to Ukraine: 19 deaths during last day

New Year’s holidays in Ukraine are covered with the second wave of flu

In brief: The second turn of flu epidemic has already begun in Ukraine: last day 19 people died and 4000 hospitalized. Epidemical limit is exceeded in 20 regions of Ukraine.

Flu epidemic got away 597 lives of Ukrainians according to the official information of the Ministry of health protection. But the second wave of flu epidemic is supposed to be stronger and more difficult with more serious consequences. The epidemic has begun again on New Year’s Eve and now there have already been fixed 19 deaths during last day.

Thus the official website of the Ministry of health protection informs about 597 deaths due to flu epidemic in Ukraine until December, 24. Nineteen people died yesterday. Besides there have been 3 414 040 registered cases of flu disease in Ukraine since October, 29. During the epidemic 189 400 people have been hospitalized. Now the epidemical limit is exceeded in 20 regions and cities of Kiev and Sevastopol. The suggestions of specialists in the sphere of health protection are seemed to be confirmed: the epidemic has come again.

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2009-12-25 20:24, Society.

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