Newsweek’s forecast for 2010: crisis in Europe and Fidel Castro’s death

Newsweek predicts the new crisis in Europe and China while prosperity in Brazil

In brief: The US magazine Newsweek has published forecasts for 2010 in the spheres of international relations and economics. Most of them are not good except those concerned Afghanistan, Brazil and Cuba.

The US magazine Newsweek has dropped into the future and predicted possible events in international relations going to occur in 2010. The forecast is anything but optimistic: expected revolutions in Pakistan and Venezuela, crisis in China and Europe, the collapse of Pound and prosperity of Brazil.

The media supposes that the increasing of the US military forces in Afghanistan will be effective. People protection policy will help the US to win over Afghans as well as avoid mistakes made in Iraq. The Europe meantime will suffer of new financial crisis. It will concern states’ debts and will threaten the default. The countries united under the euro will not be able to increase monetary mass or devaluate national currency.
The military takeover is predicted to occur in Pakistan. Its President Asif Ali Zardari not supported by people, ministers and army will be deposed. Besides Pakistan’s military forces will support the Afghans in their war against the USA.

The other forecast concerns the economical collapse in China. Easy money have overflown China’s stock and real estate markets. When the bubbles burst along with bank crisis and trade war it will cause the world’s destabilizing tide of deflation. The economical collapse is also predicted in Venezuela along with hyperinflation, increasing of criminality and the deposition of the President Hugo Chavez.

The international sanctions will be imposed for Iran. In Europe national and religious minorities will rise against the racist policy of the authorities. First of all it concerns France where most of politicians try to benefit on the disorder of Muslims.

Also Newsweek predicts the death of Fidel Castro which will improve the relations between Cuba and the USA. The state power will be inherited by Raul Castro who will take away the anti-American policy for the sake of economical profits.

The most optimistic forecast is expected in Brazil. It will become the “New China” because the other BRIC countries will be left behind in 2010. India’s main trouble is in its neighbours, China is under the threat of economical disaster and Russia have left the distance due to authoritarian policy of Putin frightened foreign investors.

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2009-12-25 21:24, Economics, Society.

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