Online hotel booking: positives and negatives

Remain vigilant while going to travel

In brief: The service of online hotel booking is widespread all over the world. However swindlers also use it very often.

It is connected with problems to get a ticket to the exotic countries and resorts on Christmas Eve as well as to book a hotel. Of course, buying a tour at the travel agency is for sure. But those who prefer independent travels should be vigilant in order not to be cheated.

This is about warning concerning online booking of hotels in Istanbul. The service of online hotel booking is widely used all over the world. It is very convenient and takes a little time. But be careful choosing a hotel in Turkey. Turks may dare use your bank account without any sanction of yours. It is for sure that online booking system will ask your bank account data. It is necessary in order to ensure in case you don’t arrive in time. In this case the hotel has a right to withdraw the fine (usually it is the cost of your room per night). But as far as Istanbul is concerned there are a collection of complaints for hotel cheating.

Most of all the cheaper hotel is more dangerous in booking. The matter is the hotel may dare use your bank account without notifying you about money transfer. Besides very often the withdrawn amount comes to the entire cost of your room not only the fine. Moreover the users of mobile-banking service have detected that hotel withdraws money from your account several days before your arrival! It is at least incorrect and illogical. The justifications of the hotel administration usually come to the promises of returning the withdrawn amount to your account in case you pay by cash. But what if you will decide to cancel your booking? And it is not a final. People suffered from such cheating tell about more incorrect accidents in Turkey. It is about that hotel may dare withdraw from your account the amount over the cost of your room! And it is quite impossible to exact the truth because Turks used to convert the currencies by their own strange rate. Thus you might even get a debt.

So what to do? The one way is to give the data of the credit card where amount is less than credit limit. The account on the credit card can not be used through the internet. However in this case you risk being homeless in Istanbul. The matter is that in case of failing to withdraw the entire cost of your room from your account the hotel may cancel your booking without notifying you.

The other and more reliable way to secure you is not to deal with cheap hotels rated less than of 3 stars. Of course, it is better to book hotels of the world famous systems such as Intercontinental, Hayatt, Hilton, Movenpick etc. It is for sure expensive but it is known that miser pays twice.

Maria Velikanova
2009-12-26 19:45, Society.

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