The anniversary of the Operation Cast Lead

Gaza War: no start, no finish, no meaning

In brief: There are no excuses for this meaningless war

One year has already passed since the beginning of the Operation Cast Lead of Israel in Gaza. On December, 27, last year Israel began bombing Gaza territory and received a shelling in response. Nobody still knows the sense of this war where no one is right or guilty.

That time it was a three-week military conflict which effects have still been impacting the Arabian and Jewish worlds. The controversy began on December, 18, 2008 when Hamas declared the end of a six-month ceasefire with Israel. It has still been controversial what really served the reason of Hamas aggression. In this meaningless war it is impossible to trace where every bombing begins from.

The hostilities caused not only destructions but also psychological injuries to the citizens of both countries. The rehabilitation has still been going on. The journalist of the Ukrainian Globalist was at the hot point in time of bombing last year. She tells about bombers flying over Israel resorts and alarms alerting the shelling of the town. The New Year’s holidays were spent in bomb shelters. The foreigners were shocked and really scared while the Israeli got used to the war. It has impressed our journalist that Israeli don’t face the danger of permanent bombing going on the usual life. “Don’t worry, the bomb has hit just the next street,” – they say quietly.

Maria Velikanova
2009-12-27 20:23, Society.

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