Unilever plc (LON: ULVR) and Sara Lee Corp. (NYSE: SLE) lose foothold

Deal with Unilever plc Sara Lee Corp. remains questionable

In brief: Unilever plc (LON: ULVR) shares are falling, Sara Lee Corp. (NYSE: SLE) is in the green zone.

Unilever plc (LON: ULVR) shares are falling because of the scandalous purchase of a Sara Lee branch. Unilever plc is about 1,707.00 points, down -34.00 (-1.95%). Sara Lee Corp. (NYSE: SLE) rose to 14.94 points, gaining +0.07%.

Unilever’s purchase of a Sara Lee Corporation branch producing shower gels and detergents for 1.3 billion euros may not meet EU competition legislation. The company representative Paul Matthews said Thursday that Unilever has received an objection letter from the European Commission. The regulator believes that the transaction will result in Unilever’s taking hold of brands that are direct competitors of the British-Netherlands corporate group.

Igor Tringlers
2010-08-19 14:54, Economics.

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