The US focuses on Yemen

The third front against the Al-Qaeda has been opened there

In brief: After Detroit terrorist attack the US focused on Yemen.

According to The New York Times newspaper, the US aim to make Yemen their new front against the Al-Qaeda terrorists. The United States began preparations for this a year ago, sending experienced in counter-terrorism CIA operatives to the country and at the same time beginning counter-terrorism tactics training with the security troops in Yemen.

During the next 18 months the Pentagon is said to spend over $70 million to train and equip military forces, coast guard troops and Interior Ministry members in the country.

The country caught US attention after the incident with Nigerian extremist Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab, who tried to blow up a plane to Detroit on Christmas. He confessed that his training with an Al-Qaeda bombmaker took place in Yemen.

American officials are sure that Yemen is capable to become next Al-Qaeda’s hub for operations and training. That’s why the US are aiming to increase their presence there.

Olga Bespalova
2009-12-28 10:41, Society.

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