Victor Yuschenko is not welcome in Tiraspol

The Transnistria has turned the Ukrainian President out-of-doors

In brief: The Transnistria has claimed the cancellation of Victor Yuschenko's visit.

The President of Ukraine Victor Yuschenko has changed his plans of visiting the Transnistria. The visit has had to be held today on December, 28. The host side has caused the cancellation of this visit.

It has been planned that Ukrainian President and the acting president of Moldova Mikhai Gimpu have had to meet in the early morning in order to hold a symbolic ceremony of driving a peg on the cross of the borders of three states: Ukraine, Moldova and Transnistria. It has had to become a sign of the beginning of the demarcation procedure.

Right after the symbolic peg driving Victor Yuschenko has had to come to Cuchurgan by helicopter and then by auto to Tiraspol in order to meet the official persons of the Transnistria as well as the heads of the Ukrainian communities.

However the last day before Yuschenko’s visit the host side – the Transnistria – protested such intentions of the Ukrainian President through diplomatic channels and required to cancel the visit of Victor Yuschenko to the Transnistria threatening to disrupt the demarcation procedure. Thus the Ukrainian President had to obey it and cancel the visit to Tiraspol.

This is the next reason for the Ukrainian President to make serious conclusions concerned his international policy. What is the reason for the Transnistria to act such way?

Maria Velikanova
2009-12-28 17:56, Society.

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