Karachi: over 40 people killed in terroristic attack

It is also possible that such attacks might continue

In brief: Terroristic bombing took lives of over 40 people in Karachi.

Pakistan suffers from consequences of the largest terroristic attack in two years. Numerous riots began after over 40 people have been killed by suicide bomber during the religious procession on Tuesday.

Despite the numerous paramilitary troops presented at the procession on the holy day of Ashura, the bomber managed to sneak amongst the people, blowing himself up in front of the procession. It is possible that such attacks might continue to create a panic among the people and to cause a clash between the religious believers and security forces.

Terroristic attacks continue in Pakistan since October, when a clash between country’s military forces and Taliban militants began, but Karachi somehow managed to escape serious attacks until now.

The government announced mourning for victims of the bombing, closing all schools, offices and shops for a day. The believers were also asked to postpone their processions to avoid further attacks.

Olga Bespalova
2009-12-29 11:33, Society.

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