New Year’s holidays with Somali pirates

About 50 persons will meet the New Year on the hijacked ships

In brief: Somali Pirates hijacked the chemical tanker sailing from Spain to Thailand.

Somali Pirates on December, 28, hijacked the chemical tanker belonged to Philbox ltd. in the Gulf of Aden. The tanker called St. James Park was under the British flag but was sailing from Spain to Thailand. The crew of the ship includes 26 persons from eight countries. The ship was seized without any fire shots.

The crew was formed and engaged in Bulgaria. Thus the official representative of Bulgarian interior authority told that the official reports about tanker seizure were sent to the European Commission and the Command of the European military forces. There have been no claims from the pirates until now. Besides the crew of St. James Park the New Year’s holidays with Somali pirates will meet also the sailors from the ship of Thai Union-3 hijacked on October, 29, near the Seychelles.

Maria Velikanova
2009-12-29 19:02, Society.

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