Iran arrests not only dissidents but also their relatives

Iranian authorities resort to tough suppression

In brief: Dissidents have been arrested in Iran to suppress the opposition.

Activists and their relatives have been arrested in Iran for the purpose to suppress the opposition. Sister of Shirin Ebadi, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize and human rights campaigner, is said to be among the arrested. Though Ms. Ebadi strongly denies that her sister has any connection to the dissidents, saying this arrest is just an attempt of Iranian authorities to silence her and to stop from further human rights work.

Authorities in Iran resorted to such measure after Sunday’s clashes between security troops and activists, which took the lives of eight people. Head of the country accuses the US and Israel in provoking the riots. This was Mr. Ahmadinejad’s reply to the President Obama, who criticized the arrest of dissidents.

Though Britain government and French President Nicolas Sarkozy joined to the US President’s critics, there have been signs of preparation for an even tougher suppression from the Iranian authorities.

Olga Bespalova
2009-12-30 08:32, Society.

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