DJIA slides down as Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) to buy McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE)

Intel Corporation settled a deal to buy McAfee

In brief: Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) is willing to buy McAfee, Inc. (NYSE: MFE). The Dow Jones Industrial Average remains in the red zone, losing about 0.08%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to bid on the verge of the green and red zones. Bulls aren’t attempting to increase the volume of trading against the background of lack of important data.

Still, some statistics has been published, such as the index of business activity in the U.S., which, according to the Chicago Fed, rose in July to 0.00 points (while earlier expected to fall to -0.10 points ), with -0.70 points in June. In addition, August 19 the world’s largest manufacturer of microchips, U.S. Intel Corp., entered into a binding agreement to purchase McAfee Inc. software developer (SW) for $ 7.68 billion. At the opening of stock trading Intel Corp. shares lost 0,75%, while paper McAfee’s shares, by contrast, grew by 0,1%.

Igor Tringlers
2010-08-23 17:51, Economics.

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