Western countries withdraw their diplomats from Yemen

Al-Qaeda’s assaults cause the closure of embassies

In brief: The US and British Embassies in Yemen have been closed.

British Embassy in Yemen followed the US one after received threats from Al-Qaeda. The establishment has been closed on January, 3, and the diplomats have been sent an indefinite leave of absence. Spanish Embassy in Yemen is also going to be closed tomorrow on January, 4, for two days until January, 6. The authorities of the Western countries consider that Yemen’s government fails the struggle against terrorism.

The anxiety was caused by the accident occurred on Christmas Eve 2009. On December, 25, the Nigerian terrorist acting on the orders of Yemen branch of Al-Qaeda failed to bomb the airplane flew from Europe to the USA. Then the authorities of Great Britain and the USA claimed Yemen’s government to establish the special department for terrorist control. The International summit on the problem of terrorism in Yemen is to be held in London on January, 28. Al-Qaeda responded by permanent threats of assaults to the diplomats and other foreigners working in Yemen.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-03 17:14, Society.

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