EDIFEE will allocate funds for ECOVERDE projects in UKRAINE

EDIFEE confirmed the investment of funds for ECOVERDE projects in Ukraine

In brief: The European Development and Investment Fund for Easter Europe (EDIFEE) have announced its interest to start investment activity is Ukraine.

The fund, is focusing on Eastern European countries which are going through development stages. These changes, creates market opportunities which can support the country growth and population needs. EDIFEE will support mostly the private sector by financing projects that are in the benefit of the country’s growth. The support will be provided in several types of financing solutions – equity loans, investment loans, grants and credit lines. The common element for each transaction is the ability of EDIFFE to provide flexibility and open minded solutions also for “start up’s ” companies who start their activity in Ukraine.

EDIFEE is a development venture providing financing and funds to projects In eastern European countries. The fund represents several European banks, international funds and private investors, which created a collaboration under one special financial vehicle facility and support, by funding up to 100% financing and grants for unique projects which are in national interest of each country the fund is operating in. The financing will be provided under favorable conditions for investment opportunities in the country.

“The fund will be giving prioritizing for infrastructure and environmental projects in Ukraine. ” stated the memorandum for investors.

The leading factor in receiving the support from EDIFEE is the need of each project or company to manage projects which are economically viable and feasible for implementation, and are in the country’s national interest for obtaining better quality of life for the population. Another goal is the implementation of advanced technologies and equipment while creating more working opportunities for the population.

According to this factors, the fund has announced earlier this week it will support ECOVERDE® projects in Republic of Moldova and intend also to support the ECOVERDE® projects in Ukraine as well ECOVERDE project is a unique environmental program which implemented a waste management solution through private entities, for each city as an autonomous unit. The project was found highly eligible according to the guide lines of the EDIFEE board of investors.

The fund already approved 28 million euro investment in ECOVERDE® locations within the Republic of Moldova for this year only, and will allocate higher funding for ECOVERDE® projects in Ukraine due to the market size.
The fund is currently open to new projects and initiative on the Ukrainian market and recently launched an information site which specify the financing eligibility: www.edifee.com

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2010-10-05 18:37, Economics.

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