Yemeni forces have tried to restore international confidence

The US embassy in Yemen is reopened

In brief: Yemeni forces arrested al-Qaeda´s militants.

The UK, France and the US reopened their embassies in Yemen on Tuesday as BBC news informs. Such steps were taken after Yemeni forces had arrested the militants of al-Qaeda on Monday. Mohammed Ahmed al-Hanaq, one of the leaders of al-Qaeda in Yemen, is among the arrested.

The US authorities considered that action of Yemeni forces the successful step on the counter-terrorism struggle and reopened its embassy in response. The British diplomats are not so trustful. The UK doesn’t see the solution of the problem of terrorism in this single operation of Yemeni forces. Thus British embassy still remains closed for visitors on visa and consular affairs.

Remind that the US and some European embassies in Yemen had been closed on January, 3, due to al-Qaeda’s threat of assaults to the foreign citizens and diplomats in Yemen and the failed terrorist act in the USA on December, 25.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-06 11:39, Society.

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