Google has presented its Nexus One

Is Google Nexus One an interesting rival or the winner on the start?

In brief: Will the search giant shake the positions of other producers? It is supposed to be so because it has been succeeding before.

From the morning on January, 5, all media secretly was telling each other that on coming press conference Google management would present the expected object – its own mobile phone Nexus One. Its PR-campaign has been done perfectly. Besides Google corporation has bought several local mobile content-providers including corresponding licenses and produced its own Operating System.

Google has presented its new product as a “superphone”. And it really has unique functions such as voice detection support and volume interface. The processor of the phone, Snapdragon, is of 1 gigahertz speed. The OS is Android 2.1. Phone’s width is 11.5 mm and its weight is 130 g. The display has the diagonal of 3.7’’ (9.4 cm). In addition it has touchpad and the photocam of 5 mpx.

The price of Google’s phone is going to be $179 with the two-year contract (DT – in Europe and T-Mobile – in the USA). Without any contract it will cost $529. Anyway it is cheaper than others, i.e.: RIM, Palm, Nokia and Apple.

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2010-01-06 14:27, Society.

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