Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard presented the new big smart phone

Tablet computer is going to shake technology market

In brief: MS and HP tried to outrun Apple.

On January, 6, Microsoft Corporation presented its new product Hewlett-Packard Co tablet computer. It was unveiled as a new invention although essentially it is a big smart phone which is being widely used.

The only achievement of MS and HP corporations is that they have outrun their rival Apple in presenting such a new product. Notice that Apple has planned to unveil the same invention on January, 27. To tell the truth Apple though has an advance having produced its iPhone which is actually the small prototype of HP’s tablet computer.

The “new” computer was presented at the show in Las Vegas. Actually it represents an ordinary PC but without any keys and buttons. The producer is hoping that such invention will shake the technology market by breaking PC traditions. The MS and HP new tablet computer is planned to go on sale until summer 2010. Its price is still unpublished but the producer ensure it will be affordable for most potential customer.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-07 11:46, Society.

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