Egyptian orthodox were killed on Christmas night

The Copts versus police

In brief: The controversy beetween ortodox and muslim egyptians continues to be held.

In the South Egypt collisions between orthodox Egyptians – Copts and the police forces have been occurred on January, 7, just after the 6 Copts were shot on Christmas night. The centre of the accident has become the town of Nag Hammadi.

The Copts have attacked the police forces near the morgue where the dead bodies of killed orthodox Egyptians were brought. The Copts have thrown stones to the police and have been attacked by teargas in response. As a result the 6 Copts have got injuries and one policeman is considered to be killed.

Before the orthodox Egyptians were killed on Christmas night while Copts were being on the way back from Christmas church celebration. They were gunned down by three uncovered persons in the car.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-07 12:28, Society.

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5 comments к “Egyptian orthodox were killed on Christmas night”

  1. claudia Says:

    islam is a vile religion, period.

  2. Dascia Says:

    It is wrong to judge any religion. Every religion is good and bad enough. Besides Islam differs in different coutries. And it is cruel only if people understand it wrong.
    and I consider the struggle between different religions to be stupid and wrong. Because religion cannot be bad itself but people can.

  3. admin Says:

    Every religion cannot be bad…

    Realy? And if I will proclaim myself a prophet of The God, Who Hates Romanians? Or all infidels?

    The trick is – there is a lot of such religions, and Islam and Judaism is a good examples of them.

    And speaking of terrorists. “Terrorism has no nationality and religion”. But look better at the news feed and you will probably find some clues.

  4. Dascia Says:

    To proclaim yourself a prophet of God is not to create a new religion.
    The matter is there are 5 set religions in the world came from the antiquity: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Confucianity.
    And noone of it proclaims raсism or fascism.

  5. admin Says:

    And noone of it proclaims raсism or fascism.

    Highly disputable! Judaism proclaims clearly, as for example.

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