Borispol airport – jammed “window to Europe”

Borispol airport: welcome to Ukraine or fare you well

In brief: How hospitably Borispol meets passengers!

Even Peter I knew that in order to come to Europe first it is necessary to open the “window” there. And he succeeded to open it… But in XXI century this window has jammed from the Ukrainian side. Though foreigners push the sash they however open from inside. Thus it is necessary to lubricate them from native part but nobody is hurring up to do it.

Actually the winter came to Ukraine surprisingly as usually. The officials are all occupied with elections campaign that is why they don’t care about the people. Meantime people are forced to celebrate the New Year in the terminal of Borispol airport. The matter is that on December, 28, the runway iced up and nobody even tried to melt it. Thus the passengers had registered to their flights had to spend in lounge two days until December, 31. As a result they desperately crushed the New Year’s tree and Duty Free boutique. Finally on the very New Year’s Eve the runway was melted. But just the runway – buses and planes continued sliding on the ice of 1.5 meter width.

However it is not a final yet. At the airports all over the world the luggage is formed and allocated by automatic systems. But in the Ukrainian international airport luggage is charged by people. It is easy to guess what it is to trust our people other things… Yes, it is about stealing. Besides thieves do it by breaking locks, tearing and cutting bags, turning upside down everything inside. Most of all it occurs while the flight is delayed for one hour and more because then thieves have enough time to check all the luggage of the flight.

And how hospitably Borispol meets passengers! On passport control among 8 windows just 3 ones are opened. If there are several flights in sequence the queues reach 1 km in length. Meantime the meeting persons are asked to wait 2 or 3 hours long. Then arrived passengers are to wait for their luggage to be brought. This procedure takes a lot of time because airport workers need time to check the entire luggage in order to find something to steal.

Thus through such doors we go abroad and foreigners come to Ukraine. As it is said: Welcome to Ukraine!

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-07 18:50, Society.

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