Israel is to pay the UN damages caused by the Operation Cast Lead

The UN is going to prosecute Israel fot the Operation Cast Lead

In brief: Israel tries to avoid its responsibility for the hostilities.

More that one year ago on December, 27, 2008, Israel began bombing Gaza territory. During those hostilities known as the Operation Cast Lead the Israeli military forces destroyed the UN’s storage buildings, schools and transport in Gaza. And now Israel has to compensate the international organization those damages.

After long-lasting negotiations two sides has reached a compromise on the sum of $10 million. This is to be paid by Israeli government to the UN for the destroyed objects. Of course Israeli authorities ensure that damages were caused unintentionally. Meantime it has been detected by the UN’s investigation that most of all the actions of Israeli military forces violated the integrity of the UN objects. Consequently Israel besides property damages has to be responsible also for injuries and deaths of people.

The Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon concerns about Israeli avoiding the discussion of the reasons and consequences of last year’s conflict. Meantime the Israeli authorities explain the attack on Gaza by the interests of struggle against Hamas terrorists.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-08 11:58, Society.

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