The murderers of 6 Copts have found themselves guilty

The instigators of conflicts on Christmas night in Egypt are arrested

In brief: Religious controversies strain on Christmas Eve.

According to the data of Egyptian Ministry of interior Egyptian police has arrested three persons suspected in murdering six Copts and one Muslim policeman on Christmas night. Three Muslims have found themselves guilty in killing seven people and given up to the police.

All of arrested persons were convicted before. After committing crime on Christmas night they hid in the fields of sugarcane. The police consider that assault on Copts has been committed in revenge of the rape of Muslim girl by Orthodox Egyptian last year. But this fact is still not officially confirmed.

Christianity is a religion of about 10% Egyptians. In spite of religious tolerance the conflicts between Muslims and Copts burst periodically. Most of all Muslim people are the instigators. But Christians are persecuted by Muslims not only in Arabian countries. It is informed that in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, three Christian churches have been attacked by the members of Muslim community. The reason of such disorders is believed to be the court decision allowed not-Muslims to use the word “Allah”.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-08 15:08, Society.

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  1. claudia Says:

    islam is a evil and vile cult and not a religion at all bent on world domination.

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