Google is on the way to the power engineering

Google is going to make business

In brief: Google starts to master not only network spaces but also more pragmatic business.

The leader of the World Web Google has recently applied the US authorities for the license of working in the power engineering including electricity trade. It has even created the new branch of company called Google Energy.


The official representative of Google Nicky Fenwick has stated that the extension of specialization sphere of the company will provide more flexible use of electricity prices. Experts notice that the data bank uses enormous volume of electricity permanently increasing magnitude of energy consumption.  


Besides it is already wide known that Google Energy is going to deal with the problems of alternative and renewing power engineering. Stock exchanges have reacted by rising up the rate of Google shares. Analysts consider that Google is opening new perspective way of its activity by getting the license in power engineering. Specialists ensure that Google makes nothing in vain.


Ukrainian Globalist
2010-01-10 14:17, Society.

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