Robert King: North Korean human rights are in terrible condition

The US envoy says North Korean rights record needs to be improved

In brief: The US envoy voices his opinion about the human rights situation in North Korea.

The US ambassador claimed North Korean human rights to be in terrible condition. According to Robert King, US representative for human rights, North Korea is one of the worth places in the world regarding this issue.

Anyone suspected in criticizing North Korean government can be put to jail along with their relatives, who are considered guilty because of their relation. Government also uses such methods as public executions and random killing aimed at putting people into fear to prevent them from public protests. North Korea also takes measures to restrict media.

This issue has always added tension to relations between North Korea and the US, being overshadowed only lately by US efforts to return Pyongyang into six-party nuclear negotiations.

Olga Bespalova
2010-01-11 08:38, Society.

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