Venezuela is to strengthen its borders with Columbia

Russia provides Venezuelan security

In brief: Hugo Chavez is ready to defend against the USA and Columbia.

The President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has stated about deployment of Russian tanks and military helicopters on its border with Columbia. Russian military employment was received by Venezuela in the end of 2009 for using it in the case of hostilities with Columbia.

Venezuelan government is sure that Columbia and the USA are united for military operation against this country. Hugo Chavez reports that the USA and Columbia has concluded the agreement on increasing the US military forces at the seven military bases in Columbia. Meantime the US and Columbian authorities deny such aims ensuring that it is against drug cartels and rebels.

Last year Russia opened the credit line to Venezuela for the purchase of Russian military equipment. The credit of $2.2 billion suggests the possibility of purchase of 92 T-72 tanks and a large number of long-range multiple launch rocket systems “Smerch”. The other agreement with Russia is on supplies to Venezuela missiles capable of striking targets at a distance of 300 km.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-11 11:32, Society.

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    I’m Hitler and i like stuff

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    Hey Hitler wassup, i dont like you

  3. Jessica Says:

    Colombia is a devil full of drugs, and illegal activities…Chavez is right about protecting his country from any attacks coming from the Devil..!!!

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