Chinese “warning shot” to the USA

China has warned the USA about its military power

In brief: China is ready to defend the US military attack. It was demonstrated on January, 11, by launching AMM.

On January, 11, Chinese authorities informed about successful launch of anti-missile missile (AMM). It is supposed to be very important step in developing national missile defense of China.

China used to keep in secret any information concerning its military power. However there has been opened the information about launching AMM in order to check the technology of intercepting missiles from land. But there is no information about weapons used. The operation was held within the territory of China.

According to the report of the Ministry of foreign affairs, such launches are held exceptionally in defensive aims and are not against any country. But the matter is the tests were held just after the controversies between China and the USA had become worse. The controversies were caused by the agreement between the Pentagon and Taiwan on deliveries to Taiwan of new American missiles.

The matter is that China considers Taiwan to be a part of Chinese territory. Therefore all treaties with Taiwan without participation of Chinese authorities are considered separatist. Thus Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs protested the USA asking it to respect Chinese sovereignty.

As a result that missile tests can be seen as the warning the Pentagon that Chinese military forces are ready to respond to the US military invasion.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-12 15:17, Society.

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