Ukrainian President election: who is said to be the favorite?

Apparently, current Ukrainian President is unlikely to win

In brief: Ukrainian election: who is the favorite and why Yuschenko lost his support?

As the date of Ukrainian president election draws closer it becomes apparent that the current Ukrainian President, leader of the “Orange Revolution” Viktor Yuschenko has lost the trust of people, supporting him on Maydan in 2004. Statistic shows that he would not enter the second round of the election, which is most likely to happen.

Ironically, according to December polls the victory is predicted to the leader of “Party of Regions” Viktor Yanukovich, who was the main Yuschenko’s opponent in 2004. Five years ago he won the election, but his victory was claimed to be fabricated. After the results of mass vote have been disproved by Supreme Court of Ukraine and the re-vote has been set, Victor Yuschenko became the winner of it. And now Viktor Yanukovich is the favorite of the current president election, leading the December polls with 42,2 percent of the votes. He is followed by Prime Minister and former Yuschenko’s ally in 2004, Yulia Tymoshenko – the polls give her 22,1 percent of the votes.

Why Yuschenko lost the support of Ukrainians since 2004? There are many reasons. During the five years of his reign Yuschenko managed to worsen Ukrainian economics, to break his ally with Tymoshenko and to complicate relation with Russia, which is the only source of gas import to Ukraine.

Though Yuschenko claims that “Orange Revolution” and its consequences brought national rebirth to the country, political experts think that Ukraine will improve only with another President.

Ukrainian president election will take place on January, 17. The second round is said to be on February, 7.

Olga Bespalova
2010-01-13 09:05, Society.

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