Turkey withdraw its ambassador from Israel

Tel-Aviv and Ankara are in serious political controversy

In brief: Diplomatic scandal between Israel and Turkey is caused by the private offence of Turkish ambassador.

The history of such disaffection of Tel-Aviv goes to December, 2008, when there was a meeting between the Prime Ministers of Israel and Turkey: Ehud Olmert and Tayyip Erdogan. Right after that meeting Israel started its Operation Cast Lead against Gaza. Turkey however didn’t support such unexpected step of Israeli government criticized it and claimed about its suspension of all agreements with Tel-Aviv.

In 2009 Turkish television translated the series of the “Valley of the wolves” which was considered anti-Jewish by Israel. The movie shows the cruelty of Israeli soldiers, that they shoot peaceful people. Israeli authorities in their turn asked for explications. But Turkey responded with freedom of speech.

As a result Turkish ambassador was invited to Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs in order to discuss the translation of that movie. The matter is that Turkish diplomat Oguz Chelikol was called personally by the vice Minister Danny Ayalon to his private cabinet. It is however the flagrant violation of protocol. Besides, the Israeli vice Minister had invited mass media to fix their negotiations. The mass media were warned about important details made especially to humiliate Turkish diplomat who had to sit on the sofa lower the Israeli vice Minister and Turkish flag was taken off the room. Besides Danny Ayalon avoided handshaking with Turlish partner.

But the main cause is in interior conflict of Israeli authorities. The Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs is against intentions of the Ministry of defence to improve diplomatic relations with Turkey and continues waiting for apologizes of Ankara. Meantime Ankara asks the Israeli vice Minister of foreign affairs to apologize and has withdraw its ambassador from Israel.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-13 14:56, Society.

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  1. incarno Says:

    You must see this. Hitler did the exactly the same thing to Mussolini. That event was inspiration for Charlie Chaplin.

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