President elections 2010 in Ukraine: on the way to Europe or Russia

Ukraine has closed its door to NATO

In brief: After the President elections the Head of state will have to decide Ukrainian future strategic partners.

President elections 2010 will define Ukrainian foreign political interests. In general it concerns the problem of choosing strategic partners of the state: Russia or Europe.

It is time to Ukraine to lose its neutral international status. The President will have been elected has to choose the strategic partners of the state. Now the question concerns Russia and Europe. There have been so many talks about NATO however there have been no explanations of the sense and reasons to join it. The perspective to become the EU member also seems to be impossible to Ukraine. Meantime the cooperation with Russia promises a lot of benefits to Ukraine first of all in the sphere of gas transportation. Thus the new President of Ukraine will be responsible for the next way of Ukrainian politics.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-14 13:53, Society.

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  1. Jerry Kocijowsky Says:

    Ukraine has no alternative, it has to join the Western World, it has to strenghten it’s ties to Europe. Why would any rational person or nation want closer ties with it’s former brutal occupier. I am referring of course to Russia. This country brutalized Ukraine, this country pillaged and murdered up to 10 million of our citizens. This country practiced ethnic cleansing and cultural eradication of our language and culture. This country always said that there is no such thing as a Ukrainian identity. And now, this is to be forgotten or ignored. Russian promises of greater benefits are just that promises that incidentally will never happen. I cannot believe the Ukrainian people are falling for this nonsense in this 2010 election. WAKE UP UKRAINE

  2. Peter Ilyk Says:

    Very well said. Unfortunately it seems that the Ukrainian people are stupid enough to vote for pro-Russian candidates. In fact the problem is that the main candidates are both corrupt and condone corruption within the Government (can anyone explain how Tymoshenko lawfully eranred her millions? or why a person with a criminal record who tried to rig the last election can still stand for President? Until Parliament is cleansed of corrupt politicians who only think of themsleves and how much they can steal from the State rather than thinking about the country and the people, Ukraine will never be a democartic counry. At the moment it is really no better than all the corrupt third world African countries we read about.

  3. Vuki Says:

    Ukraine in EU will be a poodle barking on a porch. Join Russia your brother and be a great power. America wants to exploit you like they have done every other nation in the Ameericas and el;lsewhere. Jerry to call you an idiot would be an insult to idiots. Ukraine Russia and Belorusia anre people of the same fatherland as are the rest of the Slavs. Union is the only way smarten up you idiot.

  4. Nadiya Says:

    I agree with Jerry 100%. I can’t believe Ukrainian people have such a short memory!!! And who can respect a nation that elects a former felon as a President? Ukraine’s future is clearly better off with Europe, not Russia.

  5. John Says:

    The vote was free, fair and transparent. Kudos to Ukraine on becoming a democracy, for better or worse…

    Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve. – George Bernard Shaw

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. – H. L. Mencken

    A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. – Thomas Jefferson

    Unfortunately this is not the case in Ukraine. The number of people who voted for “against all” is larger than the margin of victory. Kudos to any voter who chose either candidate. SHAME on anyone who chose “against all”. SHAME on the former president for recommending it (“Against all” seemed to be the governing philosophy of the last 5 years).

    “Against all” is NOT a choice: it is a puffed up, glossy cop-out; a self-righteous abdication of responsibility. Pick one: the better candidate or the lesser evil.

    How perfectly Ukrainian that “Aganist all” decided the election. Fittingly, “Against all” is the government that Ukraine had, has will will have.

  6. David Neisingh Says:

    Every people get the government they deserve. Ukraine is no less corrupt than Western governments at high levels. The only difference is that no one disputes this fact. It’s a bit more obvious because corruption is on every level. $5 to the police officer and you go on speeding. I think the system is actually more fair than in the West where “special” privileges are reserved for the elite.

    Regarding which way Ukraine should go. It should definitely strengthen relations with Russia and Europe and keep warm with both.

    Ukraine should keep its sovereignty and not give it away to Europe and the New World order as so many neighboring countries have done. Also it should be wary of becoming Russia’s bitch again.

    Ukraine’s position with Russia will strengthen once it drops this whole nationalism based on demonizing Russia. Russians suffered under Stalin just as well as Ukrainians. Also Ukraine needs to drastically reduce consumption of Russian natural gas and quit sending a large chunk of their hard won hard currency to the neighbor in the East.

    And finally have patience it’s really going to take some time for Ukraine to find its identity and things to get in order as we view it order in the West.

    Ukraine has come a very very long way since 1991. A good example is that the Democratic process is alive and well. People were able to choose their president and choose they did. Before the Orange Revolution the outcome was clear well before elections an opposition incumbent had no chance.

    This time no one really knew and the outcome was very very close. The last five years there has been and will continue to be very strong opposition, which serves to some extent as a check and balance and drives the democratic process.

  7. Tetyana Says:

    People of Ukraine are in a great despair, for we lost our battle for democracy and european developement. These elections were anti-democratic, anti-social and offensive for the citizens. We know about the fraud, about pens with vanishing ink, about additional bulletins, about bribes 100 gryvnya per person (the most ridiculous thing is that this money is fake!!! ) and about some greedy people who are ready to sell their country for empty promises…
    For years we’ve been trying to release ourselves from the USSR’s burden but a small group of swindlers and criminals wants to deprive us from the most prescious – our freedom, independence and self-developement.
    People!!! Wake up!! Don’t let them destroy our UKRAINIAN identity!!!

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