China defends from US accusations in Internet control

Hillary Clinton's speech caused criticism from Chinese officials.

In brief: Hillary Clinton accused China in Internet control

In the age of computerization Internet might become the reason for international conflicts. Chinese officials have been insulted by the recent speech of the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in which she put China in the same line with the countries restricting the Internet freedom.

The representative of Chinese Foreign Ministry Ma Zhaoxu voiced criticism of Mrs. Clinton’s speech, saying that the US should refrain from baseless accusations that are harmful to China-US relations. He also accentuated that Internet control in China is exercised according to international legislation.

Mrs. Clinton’s statement was a reaction to recent hacker attack on Google. There are suspicions that this attack was launched from China.

Though Google refrains from any accusations, the company officials announced their intentions to cease work in China.

Olga Bespalova
2010-01-22 11:24, Society.

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