Gordon Brown is to give evidence before Parliament elections

The investigation on British participation in Iraq war in holding on

In brief: British ministers and ex-ministers are to respond for the Iraq war.

The Prime minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown will give evidence to the Commission for investigation of British participation in Iraq war. His testimony can directly influence his parliament elections’ campaign planned to be held in spring, 2010.

Initially it was decided to suspend the investigation until parliament elections are held. But later under public pressure the decision was changed. And now Gordon Brown and other ministers are to be heard before the elections. The Prime minister says he is ready to give testimony. The ex-ministers of defense and foreign affairs have already been interrogated by the Commission. The ex-Prime minister Tony Blair is to be heard on January, 29.

The participation of Great Britain in Iraq war was based on the data of secret service about the weapons of mass destruction kept in Iraq. But after the decision was accepted by the Parliament and the Iraq campaign started that information was refuted.

The investigation headed by Sir John Chilkot was started in summer, 2009, and covers all the period since 2001 to 2009 during which British forces had been being located in Iraq. 179 British soldiers died in Iraq war.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-22 17:00, Society.

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