Iraq: militants revenge for the death penalty of Chemical Ali

Three hotels are destroyed by explosions in Baghdad

In brief: Chemical Ali is executed for four sentences.

Three explosions in Baghdad today have caused deaths of at least 36 people and more than 70 persons are injured. The explosions have occurred close to the most famous hotels: Ishtar Sheraton, Babylon and al-Hamra. As a result the hotels and nearest buildings are destroyed.

The police say these hotels are very popular among foreign journalists and tourists. The police suspect the militants organized the similar operations in the capital of Iraq last month. That time it was the series of explosions of cars caused more than 100 deaths.

Terrorist acts have occurred about 15 minutes later after the execution of the death penalty of Saddam Hussein’s cousin famous as Chemical Ali. The nickname was given to him after using poisonous gases against Kurds in 1988. Four death penalties were sentenced to the Chemical Ali before. He was convicted in genocide of Iraqi Kurds, poisoning the people of Khalajba village, killing the Shia and murdering Iraqi Ayatollah Mohammed al-Sadr.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-25 19:34, Society.

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