North Korea has today attacked South Korea

The conflict of the Korean controversial territory continues

In brief: The possession of the aquatory on the South and North Koreas’ border is turning into the conflict.

The authorities of North Korea have already confirmed that today have fired artillery to the sea border with South Korea. But this fact is explained as military exercises. South Korea has fired in response.

North Korean authorities have recently blamed Seoul in making intentional disagreement and stated about its readiness to defend any aggressions from South Korea. Before South Korea authorities have stated that they will fire in response to the first suspicions North Korea in nuclear attack.

The “northern dividing line” in the Yellow Sea was made by the UN representatives and now it still remains a controversial territory between two Korean states. North Korea does not accept this border.

Maria Velikanova
2010-01-27 13:30, Society.

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One comment к “North Korea has today attacked South Korea”

  1. Rabah Says:

    Have North and South Korea forgotten that, they are both brothers and sisters?
    Have they forgotten the strong weapon of dialogue?

    There is nothing that dialogue can’t defeat. Please, let peace prevail, for lost of precious lives of loves will bring nothing but severe pains and hatred.

    Peace and only peace we want in the world . . . !!!

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