Air strikes in Europe: where does it lead to?

The European unified air traffic control system paralyses air transportation

In brief: French flight operators express their displeasure of possible reductions.

Now some of European countries (France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) are on the way to conclude the treaty on the unified air traffic control system. French flight operators express their displeasure of possible reductions supposed to be caused by this news.

The strike has caused the delay of the quarter of all flights from Paris airport Charles de Gaulle and a half of flights from Orly airport. It generally concerns internal flights. The strike is planned to last 5 days long. This is the second action in this year in France: the first strike was held in January. Remind that before the similar strike was initiated by pilots of the Lufthansa in Germany. But yesterday it was delayed to March, 9. Also on February, 22, the pilots of British Airways declared the strike for salary increasing and improving work conditions.

Thus the European air transportation system is temporarily paralyzed due to mass strikes and the air companies suffer great losses. Also this situation causes big problems to the passengers who begin to lose their confidence to the popular airlines.

Maria Velikanova
2010-02-23 14:52, Society.

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