Elections in Ukraine: There are 18 candidates to be the President

Most of them have no chance

In brief: The Central election committee registered 18 candidates to be the Head of the state. Elections in Ukraine are planned to the 17th of January 2010

The Central election committee has finished the registration of candidates to the President’s post of Ukraine. Elections are planned to the 17th of January 2010. There are 18 candidates registered. Beginners and those who have no chance as well as experienced persons are going to take pat in this political competition. But there are also those who has been with ignominy denied to register.

Thus those who has the real chance to take the post of the President of Ukraine are: the active President Victor Yuschenko, the leader of the Front of changes Arseny Yatsenyuk, the head of the People’s party Volodymyr Litvin, the leader of the Party of regions Victor Yanukovich, the banker Sergey Tigipko and the active Prime-minister Julia Timoshenko.
Among ignominious who has been denied in registration are the leader of the Progressive socialistic party of Ukraine Natalia Vitrenko and the ex-mayor of the State security Nikolai Melnichenko. They have put no documents to confirm 2.5 million UAH deposit.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-13 13:40, Society.

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