Venezuelan government is accused of terrorism by Spanish Court

Spanish Court has caught Venezuela on cooperation with terrorist groups

In brief: Spanish Court claimes extradition of Arturo Fontana.

The judge of National Court of Spain Eloy Velasco has accused the government of Venezuela of cooperation with Basque separatist group ETA and militants of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (RAFC). Many West countries recognized ETA and RAFC terrorist organizations.

The case overviewed by Velasco concerns conspiracy to killing of the president of Colombia Alvaro Uribe. The judge has found that six members of ETA and seven militants of RAFC were in conspiracy to kill Colombia’s president during his visit to Spain. Two organizations have been making common activity for a long time. Investigation has found that one of the main roles in that conspiracy belonged to the member of ETA Arturo Fontana who was appointed in 2005 the director of one of the departments of Ministry of agriculture of Venezuela.

Thus the judge has accused Venezuelan government of cooperation with terrorists and claimed extradition of Arturo Fontana. Meantime Colombia’s authorities have already blamed Venezuela in helping rebels who use Colombian territory for preparing operations and negotiations.

Maria Velikanova
2010-03-01 15:16, Society.

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