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FIFA World Cup 2010: results and economic lesson

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 showed Europe how to live. To live in a big way, western countries only need to sell their precious assets neighbors full purse. I was recently asked about how Spain should respond to the crisis. “Do not bother,” – I replied. “While they were still ahead of Honduras and Chile, we can assume that all is well.” World Cup – an old trick. Only a few countries manage to win. Some may win only when playing on their field (England in 1966, Goad and France in 1998). But someone still play where they won on every (Germany, Argentina and, if we turn to the pre-war history, Italy, Uruguay and). And only one team can not win at home, but it always wins in a foreign field. This done, the Brazilian team.


The volcano in Iceland awakened new volcanoes

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Icelandic eruption of the volcano, which paralyzed air travel, according to scientists, perhaps marks the beginning of the burst of volcanic activity, which will affect the life of Europe for decades. Scientists have reconstructed the chronology of 205 volcanic eruptions in Iceland for 1100 years and came to the conclusion that they are regular cycles, and a relatively quiet phase, which lasted five decades, is coming to an end.


Volcano in Iceland: new waves of eruption

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Iceland became the most popular country in the world! All the news just about Iceland and the volcano. The cause of all evils – Icelandic volcano – erupted with even greater force. Over the past three days, a column of ash rose up to nine kilometers. Visibility in the area of the eruption zero. Everything is covered with a layer of mud and volcanic dust.


Volcano in Iceland: Europe has lost billions

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Volcano in Iceland too paid dearly for Europe and worldwide. European Commission President Manuel Barroso has ordered the establishment of the group, which will assess the implications of the situation of air travel for the economy of the EU.