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FIFA World Cup 2010: results and economic lesson

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 showed Europe how to live. To live in a big way, western countries only need to sell their precious assets neighbors full purse. I was recently asked about how Spain should respond to the crisis. “Do not bother,” – I replied. “While they were still ahead of Honduras and Chile, we can assume that all is well.” World Cup – an old trick. Only a few countries manage to win. Some may win only when playing on their field (England in 1966, Goad and France in 1998). But someone still play where they won on every (Germany, Argentina and, if we turn to the pre-war history, Italy, Uruguay and). And only one team can not win at home, but it always wins in a foreign field. This done, the Brazilian team.


Dow Jones Industrial Average goes for a new spurt up, S & P is going down rapidly

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Dow Jones Industrial Average close to the mark of 10,469.69 points. Dow Jones Industrial seeking growth +35.52 points (0.34%). At the moment of time S & P is on 1.39 points (-0.12%) – up to 1,114.86 points , index Nasdaq – on 2.49 points (-0.12%) – up to 2303.91 points. Stock trades in the U.S. on June 18 opened a decrease in the leading index in anticipation of expiration of options and futures on stocks and indices. In this regard, traders expect that the session today was formed rather calm and volatility observed in the previous days, some will fall. In addition, there is no statistical data on the U.S. economy, which could make substantial changes in the dynamics of quotations on American stock trades.


Great Britain patches holes in budget 2010

Friday, May 21st, 2010

UK budget deficit in April was the highest since 1993. He totaled 10 billion pounds sterling (14,4 billion dollars) compared with 8.8 billion pounds in April 2009. The consensus forecast of economists was 10.9 billion pounds. As a result of the financial year ended 31 March, the UK budget deficit amounted to 156 billion pounds, not 163 billion pounds, as previously reported.


British bankers are expected to suffer of “supertax” on bonuses

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Mr. Alistair Darling is going to make a sensational innovation of Pre-Budget Report (PBR) of the year. The Chancellor is expected to announce a “supertax” on bonuses that means a punitive new tax on bankers’ incomes.