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FIFA World Cup 2010: results and economic lesson

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 showed Europe how to live. To live in a big way, western countries only need to sell their precious assets neighbors full purse. I was recently asked about how Spain should respond to the crisis. “Do not bother,” – I replied. “While they were still ahead of Honduras and Chile, we can assume that all is well.” World Cup – an old trick. Only a few countries manage to win. Some may win only when playing on their field (England in 1966, Goad and France in 1998). But someone still play where they won on every (Germany, Argentina and, if we turn to the pre-war history, Italy, Uruguay and). And only one team can not win at home, but it always wins in a foreign field. This done, the Brazilian team.


World Cup 2010: England – U.S. score has changed rapidly

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Score of the match England – U.S. will decide a lot. England and the U.S. – favorite team, so they will compete for tours and the first place. In the first match of Group C will converge favorite quartet. England, despite his star status, always knew how to complicate his life at the world championships, and the Americans long ago moved from the category of amateurs to the rank of professionals. So what awaits us fight worthy opponents who rush to the top of world football. The score of the match England – U.S is 1-0! Steven Gerrard scores after Heskey’s pass forward.