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Gold prices today: weekend have led the yellow metal in the red zone

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Gold prices continued its negative trend today. Gold does not keep its price position and once again showed the fall – this time below the level of 1,190.00 dollars per ounce. Thus the collapse wiped out price increases the previous week. London cash market of precious metals opened today fall in gold prices to the level of 1,189.00 dollars per ounce.


Gold prices are falling very fast in India today

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

World gold prices have led the Indian yellow metal to fall. Gold prices drop to lowest marks in recent months in India today. Gold prices on Friday, July 23 decreased after the publication of the results of stress tests of European banks. As a result of the regular trading session on the New York Mercantile Exchange, NYMEX, the August futures for gold delivery have fallen by 0,7% to $ 1,187.80 per troy ounce.


Gold prices fall, the yellow metal loses its foothold today

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Gold prices fell after a prolonged rise in price. On Friday, gold was at 8-week lows against the background of active sales associated with the negative economic news. Markets were under the influence of weak data on consumer sentiment and adverse reports on profits of companies that capped a week of disappointing economic data.


Gold prices are declining in India today amid falling demand at the global market

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Gold prices fell today on the background of lower inflation in the U.S.. Gold prices in India fell by 0.7% today. Analysts believe that the yellow metal will be cheaper to the end of the summer of 2010.


The DJIA leads Hang Seng and the Nikkei 225 to a confident victory

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Trading at the Asia stock exchanges will demonstrate the ambiguous motion quotes on a background in commodity prices, exchange rates, as well as doubts about the restoration of the U.S. economy. Hang Seng index in Hong Kong Stock Exchange rose 241.92 points or 1.22% to 20,084.12 points yesterday. The aggregate index of securities Teybeyskoy Stock Exchange rose by 108.52 points, reaching 7,548.48 points. Nikkei 225 completed trades in the green zone.


Gold price declines sharply in India today and the forecast for gold prices

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Gold price fell sharply reduced during the day in India. Today gold price in India was lower than on the global markets for 5-7 dollars per ounce. The debt crisis in the eurozone pushed investors to invest in gold, which led to an increase in purchase of gold coins and ingots on the world market, as well as to higher prices of stock exchange index funds, secured this precious metal. Gold reserves of the largest fund SPDR Gold Trust reached a record 1,200 tonnes, valued at 46.88 billion dollars.


Gold prices rose very sharply in India today

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Gold prices in India continue to increase due to the seasonal increase in demand today. India is covered by the mass weddings and holiday season, which began this weekend. It is time for the higher cost of gold in the main consumer countries of yellow metal.


Gold prices today: long-term growth stops

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Gold prices are no longer grow. Gold price rose slightly following a volatile session due to investor demand for safe assets. The depreciation of the dollar also supported the yellow metal.


The stock market today: grand rally continues

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

The positive trend will dominate at the Stock Market today. Trading on stock exchanges in Asia Wednesday, June 16, will likely show growth of quotations on a background in commodity prices, exchange rates, positive macroeconomic factors, and outcome of trades in the United States. Players will ignore new concerns related to the lowering of Moody’s sovereign rating of Greece.


Gold prices: the forecast for today

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Gold prices remain stable. Gold has three points of dependence. 1 – gold as an asset of refuge – Gold prices fell as market participants feel less need to buy gold as an asset of refuge as investors are satisfied with the fact that aggravation of Europe’s problems are not observed yet, even temporarily;